Our Mission


Paces for Payton assists families who have a child that has undergone an organ transplant. By conducting fundraising events we will provide modest financial support to help alleviate the burden of medical cost not covered by insurance. While doing this, we hope to increase the public’s awareness of the importance of organ donation registration.


Paces for Payton believes in supporting families through the transplant journey through fund-raising events that give our supporters a fun, safe experience. We believe in doing this through:



working as a team by collaborating on ideas in a respectful manner


conducting ourselves with honesty and adhering to our moral values as individuals and as an organization


acting on behalf of our sponsors and supporters who entrust us to manage and optimize their contributions to help families who have been given a second chance at life


maintaining a positive attitude and constantly striving to improve our processes and effectiveness


taking responsibility for adhering to our values and conducting ourselves in a fiscally responsible and transparent manner.