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As most of us know, insurance doesn't cover everything! For families with a child, who need a life saving organ transplant, the closest transplant center is Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City. Often times the expenses not covered by insurance include: gas, lodging, food, time off from a job, medications, medical supplies, procedures, and special dietary items or needs. We want to help families not have to worry about these expenses.

You can help our families now by giving to Paces for Payton! When you make a small donation, it instantly impacts the lives of local families who have a child going through organ transplant and are carrying the burden of uncovered expenses.

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We are so grateful for the fabulous small and big businesses we get to work with. Our sponsors are what help our event actually happen. Without them, we wouldn't be able to do our event and help these families.

You can help us help them now by sponsoring Paces for Payton!

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